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Coral Dips & Cleaners

  • Aquaforest

    Aquaforest Protect Dip 50ml


    A disinfecting solution for bathing corals. Thoroughly cleanses the surface of coral. Reduces the risk of developing many diseases, examples: tissu...

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  • Salifert

    SALIFERT Flatworm eXit


    Flatworm - eXitFlatworm eXit itself is quite safe to fish and invertebrates.However, the body fluids of flatworms can be toxic to some reef inhabit...

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  • Salifert

    SALIFERT Aiptasia eXit


    Salifert Aiptasia Exit is reef-safe and does not harm any invertebrates unless they are injected inside their tissue. To get rid of the nasty aipta...

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