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  • Orca Labs

    ORCA LABS Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes (250ml - 5L) long term reduce phosphate

    from $16.00

    Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes 100% Natural, biological Phosphate removal......No Heavy Metals Helps control unsightly algae Effectively Reduces Phosp...

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  • Oase

    OASE Replacement Bulb UVC (Original)

    from $39.00

    Quality-tested safety for long device life The perfect fit for your OASE device long service life of up to 8000 operating hours (Bitron Eco 12000 h)

  • NEO

    Neo Media 2 reviews

    from $0.00

    MEDIA is the world's highest quality filter mediamade by complementing the disadvantages of existing filter media. NEO MEDIA is manufactured at hi...

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  • Kingrate

    KINGRATE Submersible UV-C lamp J series (48-109cm) (15W - 40W)

    from $43.00

    Highly effective submersible UV-C sterilizing lamp. 1. Highly effective to remove algae and bacteria.2. Improve water quality and water clarity3. I...

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    FLUVAL 07 Series Canister Filter 1 review

    from $144.00

    Fluval 07 Canister Filter The All-New 07 Series marks the 7th incarnation in nearly 4 decades of Fluval’s top selling canister filter family worldw...

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  • ANS

    ANS ShrimpZy Shield - 13mm/17mm

    from $7.00

    Measurement: L8xW2.5cm


    SUNSUN HW 504A / 505A - 6W Canister Filter (Non-UV)

    from $68.00

    Features, Low water tank canister filters,   Non UV models. High efficiency despite low 15w power consumption. Secure clip on fasteners at the edg...

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    SUNSUN HW-702/702B/703/703B/704/704B spare parts

    from $7.00

    *SPARE PART LIST* O-ring for SUNSUN HW-702 O-ring for SUNSUN HW-703 O-ring for SUNSUN HW-704 HW-702-S1 Locking Clips 4-in-1/set Spare UV glass par...

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    QANVEE - K1 Fluidized Bio Filter Chamber (LH-300 & 600)

    from $11.00

    K1 Fluidized Bio Filter Chamber houses the self cleaning K1 filter media.Advantages of the K1 Fluidized Bio Filter setup, Fluidized moving bed fil...

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  • Boyd

    BOYD Chemipure GREEN (crystal clear water in planted aquarium) 1 review

    from $6.00

    THE BENEFITS OF USING CHEMIPURE GREEN: Enhances plant growth Removes dissolved organics, ammonia, nitrite , nitrate. Reduce expensive water change...

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  • Degen

    DEGEN PL UV Replacement

    from $11.00

    Replacement for DEGEN for PL UV Comes in  5W 7W 9W 11W 13W 18W 36W 55W  

  • DiscusFood

    DiscusFood Bio Ceramic Filter (350 Litres)


    Premium biological filter for aquarium. This special filter has been developed for breeding and rearing aquariums. Bundle withbio ceramic filtratio...

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  • Hailea

    HAILEA Spare Parts - BTP Series (Filter Sponge + Activated Carbon)

    from $3.00

    Product,A filter cartridge replacement for your BTP Series filters. Each set comprises of a sponge filter (mechanical filtration) and activated ca...

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  • JBL

    JBL FilterBag Wide 2pcs/Pack


    Features, Enables you to remove the filter material from the filter easily in order to clean or to replace it: universal mesh bag for filter mater...

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  • Oase

    OASE BioMaster (w/ Innovative PreFilter Function) - (250/350/600/850) - 3yr Warranty 16 reviews

    from $286.00

    The OASE BioMaster series is an externally mounted aquarium canister filter with integral powerful pump. The filter is designed for fresh water o...

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    LitiAquaria Stainless Steel Jet Pipe In/Out 5 reviews

    from $28.00

    Product descriptions: Liti Aquaria products are specially designed from the hobbyist’s point of view. The in/out jet pipes are made of high-quality...

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  • Sale

    NEO PREMIUM Media Soft (pH Slightly Acidic) 5 reviews

    from $8.00

    Neo Media Premium is the world's highest quality filter mediamade by complementing the disadvantages of existing filter media. Made in Korea Ne...

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