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ZETLIGHT A100 WIFI Controller

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Control Your Lamp with a Smart Gadget

Wifi control box is an intelligent product which supports the APEX / SmartStar / WIFI Controlling system, and which also automatically recognizes the signal from APEX / SmartStart system.

Support APEX

Indicator turns red in APEX mode, and WIFI mode will be stopped. You can control our products via APEX System after inserting the APEX output cable into its input port. 

Support Smart Star

Indicator turns green in SmartStar Mode, and WIFI mode will stop. You can control our products via SmartStar system after inserting the SmartStar output cable into the signal input port.

Redefining Lamp Control with Technology & Turning it more intelligent.

Mobile devices such as Android and Apple can control lamps through WIFI Switch A100 after downloading ZETLIGHT SYSTEM APP.

5 Different Settings - Dawn, Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset and Nighttime

Every reefer can adjust different settings so as to constitute the different wavelengths or the spectrums needed for their creatures, the mixed colors are more similar to seabed colour.

Superior Definition (4 modes) - Auto Cloudy, Lunar phase, Acclimation, Moonlight