EIHO ICH-EX 60g (M5)

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EIHO ICH-EX 60g (M5)
White Spot / Ick
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Bacter Gold contains highly concentrated mix of beneficial bacteria. These digest harmful organic waste, ammonia and nitrites. At the same time, beneficial bacteria acts as probiotics and prevent other harmful bacteria from growing. Weekly additions of Bacter Gold will improve health of fishes and reduce disease outbreak. It keeps harmful nitrogenous low, improves water clarity and reduce "yellowish tint" in water. Constant usage reduces green water and persistant cloudy water issue in aquarium.

Bacter Gold is suitable for fresh water, marine, planted and shrip tanks

-Use weekly or after every water change.

-Mix in water before pouring into filter or tank

-Water will be slightly cloudy before turning crystal clear

-Improves water condition by add Bacter Gold weekly

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