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Light Equipment
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  • -----Description-----

    When the power is turned on, the acrylic board designed with the latest laser cutter shines brightly.

    Adopting illuminance suitable for plant cultivation and LED with color temperature of wavelength effective for photosynthesis, it can be used for indoor cultivation and indirect lighting of vegetables, herbs, foliage plants and succulents.

    In addition, three props and two joints are set to help change the size according to the growth of the plant, which is useful for growing plants widely.

    Since the power supply is USB, it can be used immediately after connecting to a PC or mobile battery.

  • ----- Content -----

    ・ LED unit (LED, socket, USB cord) × 1
    ・ Acrylic lamp sign × 1
    ・ Top sign × 1
    ・ Top sign cover × 1
    ・ Pole × 3
    ・ Pole joint × 2
    ・ Base × 1
    ・ Instruction manual × 1



    Product name: LUCHE
    Color temperature: 3200K
    Illuminance: 5200lx Luminous
    flux: 50lm
    Power supply: 5v (direct current) * From USB port
    Power consumption: 1.5W
    Lifetime: 10,000 hours
    Suitable temperature for indoor use: 5 ° C to 30 ° C
    Use: Indoor cultivation Lights, indirect lighting

    * This product requires assembly after purchase.
    * For the convenience of manufacturing this product, there are some errors in each value.
    * The LED of the light source cannot be replaced.

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