Twinstar LED Light 600S (60cm)

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Twinstar LED Light 600S (60cm)
Twinstar Light
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Twinstar has shifted up a gear with the S-series and developed a light, that virtually perfectly meets the our demands in lighting systems for planted aquarium. This model series is first and foremost more powerful. The composition of the RGB LEDs was designed differently.

The aquarium plants remain healthy and colorful. The Twinstar S Series optimizes and improves the environment for the growth of aquarium plants and makes the colors of the fish appear brighter.

Product Highlight:

  • Full spectrum LEDs for vivid colors 
  • Ideal color temperature for plants
  • Promote optimal plant growth
  • Makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous
Product size

W600(mm) X D135(mm) X H17(mm)

Recommended Tank size and glass thickness
  • W600(mm) X D300(mm) X H360(mm)
  • W600(mm) X D450(mm) X H360(mm)
  • W600(mm) X D450(mm) X H450(mm)
  • Glass thickness : 6mm
LED information
  • LED : W-RGB
  • Color temperature : 6800K
  • Power : 24V, 2.5A
  • Power consumption : 44W
  • Brightness : 3500lm
  • Operating temp : 0 ~ 35C
  • Warranty : 1 year

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