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ADA Green Drop

by ADA
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SKU 09ADA102511

ADA Green Drop is a glass-made tool making liquid fertilizer supply simple and easy. By connecting Green Drop to the fertilizer nozzle with a tube, you can provide nutrients into the aquarium tank in various forms.

Due to the very easy setup using a silicone hose the Green Drop is easily attached to the dosing head of the ADA STEP series fertilizers. On the inside of the tank a very thin nozzle made from glass is attached with the help of suction cups. The suction cups are included in the package and come in grey and transparent

The nozzle can also be placed in the ground, enabling the application of fertilizer directly to the roots of individual plants. This mode of operation is great for crypts and other plants that like to take up nutrients through their roots rather than from the water column.


  • Fits the ADA STEP series of fertillizers
  • Made of high quality glass
  • Dispenses fertilizer evenly within the water or injects it into the ground
  • Unobtrusive due to transparent glass
  • Suction cups matching the ADA Clear Parts Set and Grey Parts Set included (4 of each)
  • Includes a reservoir glass, a glass nozzle as well as 70 cm of Ø 2 mm fertilizer tube and 2x 4 cm of Ø 4 mm tube to connect all parts