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AIRMAC DMX200 Air pump

by AirMac
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Linear Air Pumps


The DBMX series pumps are designed not only have a stylish shape for their appearances but also with strong and constant flow, low noise level, low power consumption and long lifespan. Hi-Performance DBMX series are equipped with built-in protection devices, safety swtich and thermostat, to protect pmps from any unpredicatable diaphragm breaks or an abnormal internal temperature rising to decrease the maintenance cost to the lowest.

Performance range is from 80 to 300LPM(2.83~10.61CFM) at rated pressure 196.2mbar(2.84psi), Maximum pressure is 402~490mbar(5.68~7.1psi).

Linear air pump DBMX200

Model No. Voltage(VAC) Frequency(HZ) Rated Pressure Airflow AMP(A) WATT(W)
kg / cm2 psi LPM cfm
DBMX200 110 ~ 120 60 0.20 2.84 200 7.06 3.70 225
DBMX200 220 ~ 240 50 0.20 2.84 200 7.06 1.75 230

Operating range: 0.1 to 0.25 kg/cm2 (1.42 to 3.55 PSI)

Packaging of DBMX200 Box
Quantity (unit) 1
N.W. (kg) 11.90
G.W. (kg) 12.82
Dimension (mm) / L*W*H 333*242*273