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CRAB AQUA CA-AF002 digital automatic feeder

by UP Aqua

This Automatic Feeder is great for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and sometime forget to feed their fish! With the Automatic Feeder, just set the desired amount to feed and the feeder will reliably dispense the accurate portions.

This will also prevent over feeding issue! - Operation Method Before Operation, Please open the battery cover and install 2 AA battries (not included) before starting operation.

- Manual Mode Press the manual button once, the barrel will make a full circle to start feeding.

- Auto Mode * There are 4 segment modes to choose from, 8 Hours / 12 Hours / 24 Hours / 48 Hours. * When you choose to feed once every 8 hours, please press the 8-hour button once, the indicator light above the button will light up, and then it will start to flash slowly.

At this time, it enters the automatic mode, and the timer starts from the time the button is pressed. Every 8 hours, the barrel rotates once. * When you want to increase feeding midway, you can press the manual button once, and the barrel will rotate once to feed, and return to automatic mode after feeding. * If you need to switch to manual mode, please press and hold the manual button for 3 seconds, the upper indicator will light up, then flash slowly, enter the manual mode, the previous automatic mode is cancelled. In this manual mode, every time you press the manual button, the automatic feeder just feed it once. After the setting is completed, please remove the barrel, disassemble the barrel cover, install the fish food and then close the barrel cover. After adjusting the size of the feed outlet, assemble the automatic feeder and start using it