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Dennerle Ceratopteris cornuta in Pot

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  • An easy, delicate fern that is often used in breeding aquaria.
  • Beneath the leaves floating on the water’s surface is an ideal hideaway, e.g., for labyrinth fish to build their foam nests.
  • This fern is very easy to look after. Strong lighting and CO2 supplementation are very helpful in encouraging growth and producing sturdy fronds.
  • Above the waterline, the underside of the leaves can develop small adventitious plantlets. These can be bedded into the substrate for replanting purposes.

Growth height - 50 cm Origin country Afrika, Asien, Nord-Australien
Usage Diskusaquarium, Gesellschaftsaquarium Type Farn
Family Pteridaceae Species Ceratopteris
Breeding Adventivpflanzen an den Blättern Growth speed schnell
pH 6 - 8 Water hardness 10 - 30 °dh
Hints Einsteigerpflanze