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Dennerle Cryptocoryne wendtii Broad Leaf In-Vitro

SKU DEN30057


Growth height 10 - 20 cm Origin country Sri Lanka
Usage Aquascaping, Barschaquarium, NanoCube Type Rosettenpflanze
Family Araceae Species Cryptocoryne
Breeding Ausläufer Growth speed mittel
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 0 - 20 °dh

A very easy water trumpet from sri lanka. this is a variety of Cryptocoryne wendtii with fairly broad leaves. Plants can vary quite strongly in appearance, and leaf colour also varies. modern cell culture has allowed the isolation of the various types for propagation in varietally pure form. all C. wendtii variants have one thing in common: they are easy to care for and easy to cultivate. the leaves of C. spec. 402 are a potent green, sometimes with interesting brown mottling.