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Dennerle Heteranthera zosterifolia In-Vitro

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Growth height - 40 cm Origin country Argentinien, Bolivien, Brasilien
Usage Type Stängelpflanze
Family Pontederiaceae Species Heteranthera
Breeding Adventivpflanzen am Blütenstiel Growth speed schnell
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 2 - 10 °dh

The stem plant Heteranthera zosterifolia is a stunning beauty in the aquarium. The vibrant, light green leaves are up to 5 cm long and grow in an alternating leaf formation. Its requirements are relatively minimal, with good lighting and CO2 fertilisation, growth is compact and fast. It is therefore recommended that the shoots are trimmed regularly. On our Plantahunter tour in Brazil, we saw the plant in the Rio da Prata over several kilometres of river. In fact, we even encountered lush plants in the crystal clear water where it was 2 m deep. The Heteranthera is a plant that is rich in contrast for the midground to background and works especially well in combination with colourful plants such as Rotala rotundifolia.