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Dennerle Ludwigia spec. Super Red in Pot

SKU DEN30143
  • The new cultivar ‚Super Red‘ lives up to its name!
  • Even in standard lighting it is an intense red colour – in very good lighting and with a good nutrient supply the colour is breath-taking.
  • The leaves are considerably smaller than those of Ludwigia repens ‚Rubin‘ and the growth rate is also somewhat slower.
  • The plant responds to vigorous pruning with very compact growth.
  • The new Ludwigia spec. ‚Super Red‘ is very well suited to aquascaping as an eye-catching feature.

Growth height - 40 cm Origin country Zuchtform
Usage Aquascaping, NanoCube Type Stängelpflanze
Family Onagraceae Species Ludwigia
Breeding Kopfsteckling, Seitentriebe Growth speed mittel
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness - °dh