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Dennerle Microsorum pteropus Petite in Pot

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Growth height - 20 cm Origin country Zuchtform
Usage Aquascaping, Barschaquarium, NanoCube Type Farn
Family Scrophulariaceae Species Microsorum
Breeding Tochterpflanzen aus Blättern und Wurzeln Growth speed langsam
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 0 - 18 °dh

Like the 'Narrow Leaf' variety, the Java fern variety 'Petite' has narrow leaves but stays considerably shorter and more compact. The leaf blades are also sometimes slightly bent and have slightly wavy edges. Thanks to its small size this variety is also ideally suited to small aquaria. The variety 'Petite' has been produced using targeted selection – especially small plants are picked out and propagated by means of meristem culture in the plant laboratory. Like all Java ferns, this variety also grows best when attached to wood and stone.