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Echinodorus Dschungelstar No.3 'Python'


'Python' is a recommendable well-growing, quite small, narrow-leaved Echinodorus cultivar. As well as the other hybrids of the 'Dschungelstar' series, it was bred by Julius Hoechstetter (Trostberg, Bavaria) in the early 1990s and brought on the market by Dennerle company. In its underwater form, the plant gets only about 10-20 cm tall, according to descriptions of the cultivar. The leaves have a very narrowly elliptic shape. Newly appearing leaves are red-brown with darker spots, good lighting provided. Later the leaves take on olive-green tones, with remaining dark-red spot pattern the cultivar name refers to.
Mostly sword plant cultivars like this are delivered in their emersed (terrestrial) stage, with longer stalked, broader, rather green leaves. Planted into the aquarium, new submerged leaves with the described look will sprout.


Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 3 'Python' has no high demands, but as well as all sword plants it benefits much from a nutrient-rich substrate. It grows with moderate light intensity, however strong lighting promotes a more vivid colouring. The favourable temperatures lie between about 18 and 28 °C.

This decorative, quite low Echinodorus hybrid can be used in the midground or foreground, depending on the height of the aquarium, as single plant or small, loose group. It is also suitable as solitary plant in the background of small tanks. Echinodorus 'Python' provides a colourful accent and contrasts nicely with e.g. low, light green ground-covering plants.