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EIHO Anti White Spot 500ml

by Eiho

EIHO Anti White Spot

Cures white spot disease

White spot is one of the most common parasitic diseases in aquariums. The white spot is a cyst formed by adult parasites on the host fish. The parasite multiplies and releases more infectious parasite, which can lead to more fish being affected.

Symptoms of white spot disease include:

White spots (sugar crystal size) on body or fins

Rubbing against object, fins are clamped

Sudden flicking movements

Rapid gills movements

EIHO ANTI-WHITE SPOT is formulated to eliminate freshwater white spot (Ichthyophthirius sp.). Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishes.


1 cap (5ml) for 50L. Add medication on first, second and third days for a full course treatment. Additional medication can be added on sixth day to prevent recurring infection. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV during treatment. To further assist in eradication of white spot, raise the temperature to 26℃. May be unsuitable for invertebrates.