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FROK A1-150 Control (five model)

by Frok

For tank: 5 feet extendable

Watt (control): 60W , with brightness dimming function

mode 1 : white, red, blue, green (full specturm)

mode 2 : red, blue (super red)

mode 3 : white, green, blue (cool daylight)

mode 4 : white, green (warm daylight)

LED: High Quality, extra bright Led lamp that will last 50000 hrs

Water resistant: Yes, Lamp is design to be water resistant and prevent water to seep in. It also reduces moisture built up in the lamp.

FROK transformer is special design by in house engineer and is manufacturer by FROK. It has long operation lifespan and will not overheat as compare to competitor brand. Most competitor brand will out source their transformer. This usually cause performance issue.

Warranty: 6 months against manufacturer fault.