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GENCHEM Polytase (increase shrimp survival)

by GenChem
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Reduce effluents and improve bio-security
Improves water quality significantly by lowering ammonia and nitrite levels
Optimum results and better production when used during the whole culture period

With Polytase the survival rate of newborn prawns can be greatly increased. The immune system and the digestive system are greatly improved with this food, so the prawns have more resistance and can digest food better.

Polytase contains digestive enzymes and provides the best possible addition to the larval stage of crustaceans. It contains bacteria, microorganisms and the materials necessary to provide the young from the first days after hatching with the appropriate supplements.

Improves and supports the metabolism of the digestive system of small prawns. Stabilizes bacterial flora in the water and prevents deadly nitrite in aquarium water. Reduces ammonia and nitrite and improves water quality.

Main ingredients:
Enzymes and chinese herbs