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GENCHEM White Pellets ( bio calcium to assist in shrimp moulting)

by GenChem

Calcium and mineral supplements
Decrease pigment loss
Easy-to-molt formula
Easy-to-eat pellet

White pellet was developed in collaboration with the Japanese producers of Crystal Red. The white granules provide an optimal addition to the prawns with calcium, enzymes and trace elements. Selective feeding of foods rich in calcium promotes pigmentation, which in particular ensures a good thick white portion in crystal red prawn. The white granules also help with shedding, due to calcium and trace elements. This results in much less loss of animals due to shedding problems.

Adult shrimp: 1/3 measuring spoon per 100 liters of water
Baby shrimp: half a measuring spoon per 100 liters of water

50gr stick shape, includes measuring spoon.

Calcium, Phosporous, Enzymes, Trace minerals.