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JBL EasyTest 6 in 1 Test Strips

by JBL
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SKU J25339
  • Test strips for testing 6 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for aquarium, pond, well and tap water
  • Easy To use: Move the test strip in water for 2-3 seconds. Take test strip out of water. Drain off the water horizontally. After 1 minute: compare test strip with colour scale on the package.
  • Determination of following values; chlorine, acidity (pH), general hardness (GH), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and carbonate hardness (KH) of the water.
  • Quick test to outline the water conditions – orientation test in 1 minute.
  • Package contents: test strips EasyTest 6 in 1 with colour scale. Contents: 50 test strips.


Healthy aquariums with conditions close to nature:

  • The right water values depend on the starting water, the fish stock and the existing plants.
  • Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can appear in the aquarium.
  • To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature regular checks and adaptions of the water values are important. The JBL test strips serve here as an orientation test.

The following parameters can be determined in a quick test:

  • Disinfectants in the tap water: chlorine test
  • Acidity of the water: pH test from 6.4 up to 9.0
  • Stability of the water: KH test from 0 up to 20 °dKH
  • General hardness of water: GH test from <1 up to >21 °dKH
  • Toxic nitrogen compounds: NO2 from 0 up to 10 mg/l
  • Cause of algae: NO3 from 0 up to 250 mg/l

Easy to use:

  • Dip the test strip into the aquarium water and move it for 2-3 seconds. Take test strip out of the water and hold it horizontally to allow the water to drain off. Compare the values of the test strip with the colour scale on the package after 60 seconds.
  • Store the test strips in a cool and dry place. Only remove the number of strips which are immediately required.
  • You can analyse your measured water values in the JBL Online Laboratory free of charge and receive recommendations.


Where can I find the record sheets for the documentation of my water analysis?

> Have you lost your record sheets, already filled them all in or do you need them in another language?

With the following links you can quickly and easily print out your new record sheets with recommendations for the individual parameters at home and document the water analyses.


Does the test also work correctly in osmosis and distilled water?

> In weakly buffered solutions such test methods can’t deliver reliable test results for pH values.

Further parameters, such as NO3, NO2, GH, KH und Cl are not affected by this. But the calculations of the CO2 content can here also lead to incorrect values.

Increased chlorine values due to moisture damage

> A loose seal may lead to an indication of positive false chlorine values with the following batches of the EasyTest 6in1 test strip sets: 49124; 05025; 04025; 11035; 14045; 17055 and 20055.

Should you have one of the above-mentioned batches, you can request new test strips free of charge upon presentation of the sales receipt and a photo of the batch number. Please contact our customer service under:

When using water treated with phosphorous pentoxide JBL EasyTest 6 in 1 indicates wrong values for the total hardness.

> That is correct. Phosphorous pentoxide influences the total hardness used indicator in the JBL EasyTest 6 in 1.

Phosphorous pentoxide is used – among other things – when installing indoors to protect the pipes of household water softening systems.

In this case it is advisable to determine the total hardness separately with the JBL GH test.