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JBL Ektol bac Plus 250ml 200ml

by JBL
SKU J10075
  • For Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris (Flexibacter) and other bacteria
  • For bacterial infections in freshwater aquariums
  • Helps combat bloodshot spots, bulge-like ulcers, protruding gill covers, whitish-yellow coloured gills and accelerated breathing
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases
  • Package content: 1 pack Ektol bac plus 250, 200 ml. Suitable for aquariums of max. 500 l. For repeated use for max 250 l.
  • To use: 10 ml or 5 ml/100 l aquarium water. Duration of treatment: approx. 6 days, each day = 6 dosages


  • About 90 % of all fish diseases can be put down to a weakening of the fish’s immune system.
  • This means the application of remedies can fight the pathogen but doesn’t generally eliminate the cause. It is therefore very important to determine the cause.
  • As soon as the first signs of disease become noticeable IMMEDIATE action is required. In most cases people wait too long.
  • Internal and external bacterial infections can take on a wide variety of appearances, which can quickly and reliably be combated with JBL Ektol bac Plus 250 or, in the garden pond, with JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus.
  • Whitish coatings often appear on the fish skin. However, bloodshot spots can also be discerned or completely different symptoms can occur. A clear diagnosis is only practically possible with a microscope.
  • We often assume it is a parasitic infection, choose a suitable medicine, such as JBL Punktol Plus 125 and if it doesn’t get better we use JBL Ektol bac Plus 250 to combat bacterial infections.
  • If a microscope is available, distinguishing between bacterial and parasitic diseases is relatively simple:
  • Most parasites are already clearly recognisable as moving objects with a 100-(!)-fold magnification.
  • By contrast, bacteria are so small that they cannot even be recognised clearly with a 500-fold magnification.
  • To put it simply: If you see objects that are clearly visible and moving around, they are most likely parasites.
  • Conversely, if you don't find anything, you are probably dealing with a bacterial infection.


Can I use two different medications at the same time?

> Unless otherwise indicated in the instructions for use, the simultaneous use of two different medications is not possible and we strongly advise against it. Toxic cross reactions and undesirable side effects, such as oxygen deficiency or nitrite, cannot be ruled out. If your fish suffer from a primary infection and further secondary infections, always treat the primary infection or disease with the highest stress factor for the animal. Finish a treatment with the correct dosage in accordance with the instructions and then start the second medication. After the treatment or between two treatments, filter the aquarium water over activated carbon for 24 hours to remove any residual medication. The activated carbon need then to be disposed of properly. Any medical treatment is also a stress factor for your fish, so be careful not to overburden your animals and only treat them after a thorough diagnosis.

Can I use over-the-counter medications for ornamental fish in fish that will be used for human consumption later ?

> No. As a rule, over-the-counter medications for ornamental fish may not be used in fish that are bred for human consumption.