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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

JBL NanoCrusta 15ml

by JBL
SKU J23107

  • For invertebrates in freshwater aquariums: for initial setup and water changes for shrimps and dwarf crayfish.
  • Cleans and clarifies naturally: creates crystal-clear, naturally pure aquarium water.
  • Healthy water, healthy fish: promotes well-being and moulting for crustaceans and shrimps by means of the clay mineral montmorillonite.
  • Vibrant colouring: promotes clear colour formation in shrimps.
  • Contents: 1 bottle Nano-Crusta, 15 ml.
  • Use for max. 700 l: 1 drop/2 l water weekly.



Nature at Home - Home for fish and plants

  • Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as they do in nature.
  • Transform the aquarium water into biotope-like water to protect the invertebrates with natural substances. During partial water changes and when setting up a new aquarium.
  • Tap water is full of dangeous substances for invertebrates.
  • Harmless for humans – harmful for invertebrates.
  • Tap water contains heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead. To make the water suitable for shrimps, it needs to be free of heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine. To achieve this, these substances are neutralized by dedicated water conditioners.



I can’t get a drop out of the JBL NanoCrusta bottle. The product has become encrusted in the neck of the bottle.

> JBL NanoCrusta is a product which contains finely ground natural minerals. We recommend you shake the bottle vigorously before every use, to loosen the sediments. Ensure that the bottle is in a vertical position for the application. If the dosing device remains blocked, pierce the sediments inside the channel with a fine needle.


Does the water go cloudy after the application of JBL NanoCrusta?

> JBL NanoCrusta contains clay minerals, which initially lead to a whitish clouding of the water. After a few hours it settles and the water turns crystal clear. If this is not the case, please check

a) if JBL NanoCrusta has been overdosed, and

b) if the current in the aquarium is too strong and needs to be reduced.