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JBL ProCristal i30

by JBL
SKU J60990
  • For crystal clear & oxygen-rich water: internal filter for 10-40l aquariums with adjustable pump capacity up to 200 l/h.
  • Easy to install: attach suction cups to one side of the filter (both sides possible), press the filter to the desired position, position so that the water outlet is approx. 2 cm below the water surface.
  • Safe for small fish and shrimps: no sucking in thanks to fine-pored surface, water outlet rotatable in any position and adjustable to any capacity for each aquarium from 14 cm in height upwards.
  • TÜV tested, 4 years guarantee, energy saving (3.7 W), Dimensions: (LxWxH) 7.6 x 4.1 x 12.0 cm. Extendable by filter modules.
  • Package contents: 1 ready-to-connect internal filter with filter sponge and activated carbon cartridge, air intake nozzle, 3 suction holders and 150 cm cable.



Clean and healthy water:

  • Plant and food remains and metabolic substances lead to a deterioration of the quality of the water in the aquarium.
  • Good water quality is necessary for healthy fish and plants.
  • This can be achieved by aquarium filters.
  • The filters suck in the aquarium water and remove the pollution and waste materials from the water.


  • The JBL ProCristal has its own filter chamber for dedicated filter material to combat algae growth or for especially clear water.
  • The aquarium water flows slowly over a large surface area into the filter, where it is cleaned and then pumped back into the aquarium.


  • Thanks to the fine pores there is no risk of small fish and shrimps getting sucked in.
  • EXTENDABLE - The filter can at least be doubled thanks to one or several extension modules. JBL grants a guarantee of 4 years.



Can I adjust the performance of my JBL ProCristal i30?

> The first generation of the small internal filter for 10-40 l aquariums had only one swivelling water outlet. The new generation has a swivelling and adjustable water outlet so you can regulate the flow. With the spare part 6099800 "JBL ProCristal i30 water outlet with adjustment" you can easily convert your existing device.


My filter has become loud after a few months. What’s the reason for that?

> The impeller of the filter is subject to constant wear and tear. We recommend you replace it. This way its smooth running is ensured. Make sure that the noises are not caused by trapped air.

The guarantee covers defects in material and assembly. The guarantee does not cover parts subject to wear and tear, such as the impellers or shafts as well as damage caused by external influences and improper handling.