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JUWEL Cabinet SBX Rio 240 (121x41x80cm)

by Juwel
SKU JUW50123
Color: Black

*Can only be used with Rio 240 Tank*


The Juwel SBX RIO 240 aquarium cabinet in four different colours visually forms the perfect duo with the RIO 240

The matching SBX RIO 240 aquarium cabinet in combination with the RIO 240 forms a perfect duo but offers other aquariums with these dimensions, a secure and firm foundation. The cabinet is available in the matching colour of the aquarium - so both form an unobtrusive and harmonious combination in your living environment. The foolproof construction and the generous storage space, for example for the accessories, leave nothing to be desired.

Actually you only have one thing left to do; Decide on your favourite colour and look forward to your charming new home accessory!

  • Colours: Black, white, dark wood, light wood
  • Dimensions 121 x 41 x 73 cm
  • Weight 32.3 kg
  • Max. Load 600 kg