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LAROY DUVO Siskin & Goldfinch Mix Seed 1kg

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duvoplus siskin & goldfinch mix is a great start to your siskins and goldfinches’ day. After all, a delicious, balanced diet full of nutritious seeds contributes to a happy life. Bringing your house to life – that’s what duvoplus is all about. A little treat now and again? Try duvoplus snacks. Just don’t overdo it! ??

  • Delicious, balanced food
  • Full of nutritious seeds
Canary grass seed, grass seed, niger seed, perilla seed, rapeseed, canola seed, red clover seed, carrot seed, spinach seed, lettuce seed, evening primrose seed, hemp seed, hulled oats, safflower seed, linseed
  • Crude protein 18,5 %
  • Crude fat 16,3 %
  • Crude fibre 11,5 %
  • Crude ash 5,4 %


DIrections For Use

Always make this seed mix available to your birds. If desired, you can enrich their ration with some egg food for a protein boost. Always provide fresh drinking water.