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TCulture Echinodorus Red Wild Grass

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'Red Wild Grass' is a quite new swordplant cultivar that has been commercialized in the Netherlands. It gets only about 20 cm tall in its submerged form. The new underwater leaves in the center of the leaf rosette are a beautiful pink colour while the older, outer leaves show green tones.
Like many other aquarium plants, Echinodorus 'Red Wild Grass' is mostly delivered in its terrestrial (emersed) form with coarser, longer stalked, rather green leaves. Its colourful submerged foliage will appear when it is planted under water.

As well as virtually all Echinodorus, 'Red Wild Grass' grows best with abundant macro- and micronutrient supply via the substrate. Strong lighting enhances the intense coloration of its submerged foliage. The water parameters are of subordinate importance. CO2 supply is not always necessary but promotes the growth. The optimum temperatures lie between about 22 and 28 °C.

With its nice pink and green coloration, Echinodorus 'Red Wild Grass' looks very decorative as a single plant or small group in the midground of an aquarium. Its small size of about 20 cm allows its use as a solitary plant in small tanks.