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UP D-806 PH Controller

by UP Aqua
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Latest UP High Precision pH Controller for Planted Tank With this controller you can automate your CO2 dosing.

Automatically turn your CO2 on/off as and when it’s needed.

pH value shows the acid or alkaline state of water (pH value equals 7 is neutral, it is alkaline as pH value is greater than7 and acid as pH value is less than 7), most of the fish can adopt to life in water around pH = 7, but many species have special water preferences.

What is included :

  • Buffer Solution pH 4.0
  • Buffer Solution pH 7.0
  • Adjustment Sticker
  • Electrode Holder
  • Instrument Holder
  • Power system box
  • pH Controller

Please note pH Electrode is optional.

This controller requires pH Electrode to measure water pH parameter. View pH Contrller's Manual