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Dennerle Cryptocoryne Affinis

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  • This Cryptocoryne has been kept in aquaria for over 50 years.
  • All Dennerle Cryptocorynes are grown emersed in our greenhouses.
  • Growth behaviour and leaf form differs significantly in plants growing in emersed and submerged states.
  • This is also true of Cryptocoryne affinis.
  • The typical olive-green to brown foliage only develops under water.
  • These plants make no great demands in terms of lighting, but optimum growth is achieved in slightly alkaline water. C. affinis comes highly recommended for cichlid aquaria with limestone.


Growth height - 30 cm Origin country Malaiische Halbinsel
Usage NanoCube Type
Family Araceae Species Cryptocoryne
Breeding Ausläufer Growth speed langsam
pH 7 - 8 Water hardness 10 - 30 °dh