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Additives & Medication

  • East Ocean Aquatic

    Aquarium Maintenance Kit Bundle

    from $49.00

    JBL Biotopol - Anti-chlorine toxin neutralizer that contains vitamin B and aloe vera to protect and calm fishes during water change JBL Denitrol - ...

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  • EIHO Aqua GH 120ml

    EIHO Aqua GH

    from $6.00

    AQUA GHReplenish GH for DI/RO or soft waterReplace natural minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium)Brings out natural colour and behavior for soft ...

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  • Eiho

    EIHO Chito Clear

    from $6.50

    EIHO Chito Clear EIHO Chito ClearClarifies cloudy water using natural polymerAids in binding organic wasteDoes not affect pHCHITO CLEAR is a spe...

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