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Betta Food

  • JBL

    JBL NovoBetta 100ml


      Complete nutrition, ideal growth and vibrant colours for fighting fish: selected raw ingredients promote the colouring. Nutritious and easy to d...

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  • DiscusFood

    DiscusFood Betta Special All colours 50g 1mm


    Betta Special – All Colors, the sole food for all bettaContents: Crude protein 57%, crude fat 15%, crude fibre 0.4%, crude ash 11%Additives per kg:...

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  • Hikari

    HIKARI Betta Bio-Gold 1 review

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    A Scientifically Developed Diet For All Types Of Bettas. Feeding : Feed 5 to 10 pellets up to 3 times daily based on the size of your betta