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Snail / Planaria removal

  • JBL

    JBL LimCollect II


    Catches unwanted snails, shrimps or crabs in the aquarium: chemical-free snail trap with variable height limit of the inlet. Easy to use: fill th...

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  • GenChem

    GENCHEM No Planaria


    Remove planaria in shrimp tanks. Safe for shrimp and baby shrimps

  • JBL

    JBL PlaCollect


    Convenient and effective way to catch flatworms (planaria) without using chemicals Equip trap with food bait (JBL NovoTab), use suction pad and c...

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  • ANS

    ANS Catch Worm Pen

    from $16.00

    Simply bait the trap and gently place it on top of the substrate, then gentlely push to settle into the substrate, which would not allow any shrim...

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