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JEBAO WaveMaker - (MOW3, MOW5, MOW9, MOW16, MOW22) Wifi

by Jebao
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●Wi-Fi+ manual control system, a variety of wave-making modes and functions, can basically meet the waveforms required by users.
●Using wireless linkage control to realize synchronous operation between water pumps. It can be controlled by one, and can be controlled remotely.
●Using low-voltage DC variable frequency water pump to ensure the personal safety of users
●Simple operation panel to realize complex dynamic seawater function
●The direction of water flow can be adjusted according to needs.
●Wide voltage input (AC100~240V 50/60Hz), suitable for a variety of power grids, and
It can avoid the influence of voltage fluctuation on wave making.

Installation Notes:
1. It is basically suitable for all fish tank sizes, and the maximum absorption fish tank glass thickness is 15mm.

Available models,

Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 50w
Max l/h: 22000
Dimension: 94 x 120mm
Tank Size: 100-150
Tank Thickness: ≤19mm

Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 35w
Max l/h: 16000
Dimension: 80x 97mm
Tank Size: 100-150
Tank Thickness: ≤15mm 

Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 23w
Max l/h: 9000
Dimension: 66x 82mm
Tank Size: 60-100
Tank Thickness: ≤12mm

Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 12w
Max l/h: 5000
Dimension: 52x 70mm
Tank Size: ≤60
Tank Thickness: ≤8mm