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Powerhouse Filter Media: Hard Type S (prevent pH drop)

Power House Hard Type S Size
Surface area for microbial settlement: 820m2/â„“
Prevent pH drop controlling type
S size delivers advanced filtering performance and works superbly, even when used in submersible filters or hood filters with only a small space for filtering media.

The main component of Powerhouse Hard Type products is calcium silicate crystalline wollastonite.

When water begins to oxidize, the product releases calcium ions, controlling the drop of pH level. Different from calcium carbonate (such as coral sand) which constantly emits calcium, the product releases calcium ions when necessary and controls drop in pH level, making it safe not only for saltwater fish and African cichlids, but also for aquarium for discus and arowana which tends to drop in pH level.

Powerhouse products offers high pH control capability and have vast amounts of surface area. Thus even small amounts of these products can conduct biofiltration.

However, by increasing the filter size and amount of filter media used, the filtering power can be increased proportionately. Amount of filtering media does not significantly affect pH change.

Made in Japan, power house