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QANVEE Siphon cleaner (C-300 & C-600) & Optional Gravel Cleaner Addon

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$9.90 - $14.80
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QANVEE Siphons (C-300 & C-600) 
Optional Gravel Cleaner Addon


  • Squeeze the pump to prime the siphon cleaner.
  • New water change method: Can be fixed on the fish tank, to free your hands.
  • 5-in-1 multi-functional: Water change, sand washing and excrement removal, fix fish tank and anti-backflow function, one-button absorption, no need to change water manually or touch dirty water
  • Retractable design: The suction head can be retracted 35-50cm, it is more convenient to use and store, and the joint is detachable.
  • Protection net cover design and anti-backflow design: The water inlet has a protective net cover to prevent the inhalation of small fish and shrimp during the water exchange process.
  • Soft film covering at the joint to prevent water from flowing backwards
  • Suitable for aquarium with glass thickness of 6mm or more.


Dimensions (approx.):
Length (Adjustable) 35-50cm,
Comes with a hose of 150cm

Suitable for 6MM thick and above glass