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Aquaforest Poly Glue (250/600ml)

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AF Poly Glue is a polymer granulated glue dedicated to marine aquariums. It also works well in freshwater aquariums as an adhesive for attaching small elements.

In a saltwater aquarium, AF Poly Glue is essential for attaching coral frags to rocks or plugs. With its help, you will quickly and permanently place the corals in a selected place. The glue doesn’t pollute the water and is safe for aquatic animals. It can be successfully used for attaching all types of corals.

In freshwater aquariums, AF Poly Glue is especially useful when creating complex arrangements. With its help, you can easily connect roots and small rocks. It may also be necessary when attaching epiphytic plants, i.e. anubias, bucpehalandra or microzorium.

The glue is extremely efficient and easy to use. Unused material can be reused after heating it up. Thanks to this, AF Poly Glue can always be used in 100%.

Key features:

  • Polymer glue in granules for gluing corals and arrangement
  • Completely safe for aquatic organisms
  • It doesn’t pollute the water and is reef safe
  • Dried glue can be used again after heating
  • Provides permanent corals placement, as well as roots and freshwater plants


Usage: glue granules should be placed in a hot water (about 60°C/ 140°F), after a few minutes it’ll create an easily forming mass, which has the best adhesive properties. The adhesive will become completely solid when placed in the aquarium. We recommend gluing outside the water. Coral can be placed in the water 30 seconds after bonding. Mass residues can be placed in a hot water and used again. Biodegradable product. Keep away from children. Product for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption.