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biOrb AIR 30 Grey & White (Terrarium all in one with misting)

by biOrb
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Color: Air 30 Terrarium - Grey



The biOrb AIR 30 Terrarium provides an easy way to grow tropical, moderate or semi-arid plants indoors.

  • Micro-climate — The AIR 30 terrarium is a fully-automated 360-degree environment that controls lighting, humidity and air movement, creating the perfect growing environment for healthy plants.
  • Constructed Out of Acrylic — 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and has a 93% transparency rating. Acrylic also boasts very little heat loss, ideal for maintaining internal terrarium climate.
  • Remote Control — Control the terrarium with the touch of a button. Functions include power control, daylight hour settings, brightness control, climate pre-sets, mist boost, and more.
  • Lighting — Arranged in a circular-pattern at the top of the sphere, LED lights emit the perfect output to encourage natural growth and prevent plants bending towards a single light source. It works on an 8-hour, 10-hour, 12-hour, or 14-hour light cycle option.
  • Humidity Sensor — To maintain the humidity within the micro-climate, HumidiMist vapor is emitted using an ultrasonic mister mounted in the top reservoir. The mister generates the ‘swirling’ vapor if the humidity drops below the preset value.
  • Clean Air System — To discourage stagnation and condensation within the biOrb AIR 30, a constantly running fan recycles air through a replaceable carbon filter. A small amount of fresh air is regularly introduced as part of the circulation process.
  • Temperature Safety Control — If unit detects temperatures higher than 104°F (40°C) then light fades by 50% until 95°F (35°C) reached.
  • Suitable for different plant environments — Choose between one of three climate settings: tropical for keeping tropical plants that like high humidity, semi-arid for keeping cacti and succulents, and medium for keeping temperate plants.
  • Tilt Safety Sensor — Stops fan and fogger operation and turns on lights if lid is opened more than 10°.
  • Replaceable Carbon Filter — An open cell Reticulated Polyether based polyurethane foam, which has been post treated with Activated Carbon. These materials offer low pressure drops along with the advantages of activated carbon without the handling problems associated with loose powders.
  • Coir Compost — A treated sterilized growth media included with each terrarium to cultivate the plant roots. The coir is made from cocopeat, a renewable resource extracted from coconut husk.
  • Capillary Matting — Made from Polypropylene (PET and viscose), a traditional capillary mat combining good capillary action and plenty of water storage capacity for sub-irrigation. The capillary action prevents the plant roots from soaking and rotting.
  • Water Level Indicator — Discreet and easy to read indicator for checking the level of water in the base.
  • HumidiMist — Solution specially produced to contain the minimal number of electrolytes (total dissolved solids) necessary to activate the misting unit sensor.
Everything included in the box, just add plants — Includes 8-gallon (30L) acrylic terrarium and base, lighting, automatic misting unit, filter cartridge, coir compost, Arid mix, capillary matting, support tray, HumidiMist, transformer, and remote control

AIR 30 Dimensions — 40 x 40 x 46cm

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