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JBL Proclean Aqua Ex (10-35 / (20-45) / (45-70) gravel cleaner

by JBL
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Gravel Cleaner for aquarium and fish tank. 
Food, plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water. Since aquarium filters can’t completely remove these substances from the water and a large part of the waste enters the aquarium bottom, a regular partial water change (about every 2 weeks 1/3 of the water content) needs to be carried out.
Always siphon off the waste from the substrate when carrying out a partial water change. After the partial water change a good water conditioner such as JBL Biotopol is vital to prepare the new tap water for fish.

Simple to use:
Hang the gravel cleaner in the aquarium, using your mouth briefly suck one end of the hose and hold the other end of the hose in the bucket. Water then flows into the bucket. Clean the bottom with the gravel cleaner. To finish, simply remove the gravel cleaner from the water.

Tip: To avoid swallowing water, you can also hold the whole hose underwater until it fills up, then pinch the end until it is over the bucket again. Then the water will continue to flow by itself.

How to clean the aquarium bottom properly:
Push the gravel cleaner into the aquarium substrate with twisting movements. The suction pulls the substrate and the dirt in the gravel cleaner upwards. The substrate falls back down under its own weight and only the dirt is sucked out of the aquarium. With fine sand, you can adjust the suction by lifting the gravel cleaner so that the light sand also falls back down. A sieve in the bell of the cleaner prevents fish and shrimp from being accidentally sucked in. The sieve can be removed for cleaning.
If you have a long-term substrate fertiliser under the covering gravel layer (e.g. JBL PROFLORA AQUA BASIS), do not insert the gravel cleaner far. Insert it only as deeply as the covering substrate layer is thick.


2 Different Nozzles for different models,

  • Square Nozzle - Model (10-35)
  • Round Nozzle - Model (20-45) & (45-70)


Additional Attachments
***Please note that the outlet control valve, and the clip-on holders are specific to the following models only.

  • Model (20-45) & (45-70)