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Nature Grains! Gammarus (50/220g)

SKU NG1020

Nature Grains! Gammarus are dried treats that are fantastic in nutritional value, while driving our pets nuts over it. Gammarus shrimp is highly regard food for turtle and fishes!

It is a great source of natural carotene which is vital for our fishes as they do not naturally produce it. Carotene in general, affects the Orange and yellow pigments of our fishes, effectively enhancing these colors. 

Nature Grains! Grammarus  microwave dried food is ideal for nutrient preservation as when the microwaves penetrate food, they heat it much more efficiently and quickly, so there is less time for vitamins to break down. As such, It produces an extremely nutrient-dense food that is easy and neat to serve. Microwave drying eliminates harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients, offering nutrition that is similar to a raw diet.

Due to this factors, Nature Grains! Grammarus make perfect treats for our pets. Be it for good behavior/obedience training, or simply to perk up your pets mood for the day. 

Do note that treats should never be the bulk/main portion of your pets meal. In addition, treats should always be given after its main meal. 
Always store your treats in a cool dry and airy area, and always seal the container tightly when not in use. 

Gammarus shrimp, dried, treats, turtle, tortoise.