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EIHO Water Stabilizer (all in one)

by Eiho
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All in one function water stabilizer

Simply makes water safe for fish.

Convert tap water to water suitable for fishes. Remove harmful chlorine and chloramines in tap water
Stabilizes the pH of water to prevent extreme pH changes.
Balances the electrolytes in water and reduce the stress in fishes.
Combats against common external parasites
Suitable for most fishes especially goldfish,koi, cichlids and arowana.

1)during water change
For tropical fishes, arowana, discus, goldfish and koi
5ml spoon for 50L
For fishes that require higher pH such as cichlids,
5ml for 25L of water

Add half dosage every 4 day to balance water

2)Before medications
Add the above dosage to stabilize water before adding any medication.

Easy to use. Can be use in conjunction with EIHO medication to improve treatment results.