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JBL TopClean II /Surface cleaner

by JBL
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  • Removes coatings and foreign particles from the water surface: accessory for external filter - skimmer for aquariums 60 – 600 litres (from 35 cm height upwards).
  • Place skimmer in the aquarium, connect to suction hose of the external filter (replaces existing suction pipe), regulate surface water/deep water suction with adjustment spindle.
  • Universal: for hoses of 9/12 to 16/22 mm diameter. Infinitely adjustable suction capacity: surface water and deep water suction. Semi-circular shape for corner attachment.
  • 2nd generation: optimised floating body – more buoyancy and adaption to the water level, stronger comb, removable adjustment spindle.
  • Package contents: surface skimmer Top Clean II.



Removes scum formations:

  • Infrequent water changes and overfeeding can cause a biofilm (scum) to form on the water surface of the aquarium.
  • This is because the surface water is not drawn into the filter circulation by the normal suction pipe of the external filter.
  • The scum formation is a whitish “skin” comprised of bacteria and fungi. It hinders the oxygen enrichment of the water.

Siphen off surface water and water from deeper levels:

  • The JBL Surface skimmer effectively removes scum formations or prevents them from forming.
  • With its deep water intake the skimmer can be used to replace the conventional suction pipe.
  • The skimmer comb automatically adapts to a changing water surface (as when water evaporates).

Easy to install:

  • Connect the JBL Surface skimmer instead of the conventional suction pipe to the external filter.
  • Attach the suction chamber with suction cups to the rear corner of your aquarium.
  • Using the regulating pin select the surface water suction/ deep water suction ratio.

Elegant design:

  • The adjustment spindle can be removed from the device. The JBL Surface skimmer has a stylish semi-circular shape and is suitable for hoses with 9/12 to 16/22 mm diameter.



Can you install the TopClean with a filter with more than a nominal capacity of 1500 litres per hour?

> Yes, this is quite possible. Please note that when using filters with more than a nominal capacity of 1500 litres per hour (which is approx. 800 l in practical operation) the water suction needs to be drawn into the upper and lower area (approx. 1:3). A suction into the upper part alone would lead to a sucking in of air and the raising of the floating body.