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Neo Media 2 reviews

by NEO
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Neo Media

Neo Media

MEDIA is the world's highest quality filter media

made by complementing the disadvantages of existing filter media.

Neo Media

NEO MEDIA is manufactured at high temperature using

natural materials produced in Korea.

Neo Media

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the size, shape and color of the filter media may not be uniform.

Surface area : about 4,000 ㎡/liter

The filter medium must provide a large space for a variety of bacteria to live.

This is because the filtration space is limited and the filtration efficiency must be maximized in the limited space.

The number of bacteria that can be cultured is proportional to the area.

Neo Media

Inside: optimized for large numbers of bacterial cultures

Smooth flow of water

Based on the technology of Aquario, we created a fine but unobstructed pore inside of NEO MEDIA.

This allows the water to flow smoothly into the deep interior of the filter media and provide sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the nitro bacteria.

Neo Media

Fine bubbles generated by fine pores

Neo Media

Inside of filter media with smooth water flow ( x300 )

Various sizes of pore

Pores of various sizes provide a space for a variety of bacteria to live, and these bacteria create a bacterial ecosystem inside the filter media.

The bacterial ecosystem built inside NEO MEDIA keeps the filtration cycle stable.

Neo Media Neo Media Neo Media
X300 X1000 X2000

Neo Media

The space between the filter media and the filter media


If the strength of the filter media is low, the filtration efficiency is low and the period of use of the filter media is short.

On the other hand, Neo media are manufactured at high temperatures to maintain adequate strength.

5 step manufacturing process

1, mixture 2.Primary molding 3. Secondary molding 4. Drying Process 5. High-temperature processing

It was kept at a certain temperature for a long time to uniformize the quality of the pores.

Neo Media

Three pH types : SOFT, PURE, HARD

NEO MEDIA offers three types of slightly acid, neutral pH and alkali, so it can be selected according to the tank environment.

Neo Media Pure

PURE : not affecting pH

MEDIA PURE 1liter : water 10 liter

after 3 days

Neo Media Neo Media
water for test NEO MEDIA PURE

( The above test may vary slightly depending on the GH, KH of the water )

Most of the filter media on sales have alkaline properties.

However, NEO MEDIA PURE is a true neutral filter material and has little effect on pH.

Therefore, NEO MEDIA PURE does not raise the pH of a slightly acidic fish tank, and does not lower the pH of a slightly alkaline fish tank.

It is suitable for all fish tanks such as aquatic plants, shrimp, South American fish, cichlid fish, seawater, and coral

Neo Media Soft

SOFT : slightly acid

MEDIA SOFT 1liter : water 10 liter

after 20 days

Neo Media Neo Media
water for test result

( The above test may vary slightly depending on the GH, KH of the water )

Most of the filter media on sales have alkaline properties.

In this case, the filter media itself can raise the pH in the fish tank.

however, NEO MEDIA SOFT has its own slight acidity.

Therefore, it is effective for slight acidic water that grows aquatic plants, shrimp, South American fish species.

Neo Media Hard

HARD : alkali

MEDIA HARD 1liter : water 1liter

after 20 days

Neo Media Neo Media
water for test NEO MEDIA HARD

( The above test may vary slightly depending on the GH, KH of the water )

NEO MEDIA HARD has the alkaline nature of the product itself.

Because it does not lower pH, it is effective in alkaline environments such as cichlids, tanganica, sea fish, and coral.

Enclosed dormant bacteria

SOFT & HARD products

Neo Media

The NEO MEDIA SOFT&HARD contains dormant bacteria.

Dormant bacteria start activity immediately upon contact with water, shortening the nitrification cycle completion time.

Please do not wash it, please put it between the filter media.

Usage and precautions

  1. Please rinse with running water 2-3 times.
  2. if you wash excessively, dust can be generated
  3. The pH action of the NEO MEDIA is affected by the water used and the objects inside the tank.
  4. Filter media require periodic cleaning.
  5. Due to the use of natural materials, shape and size may not be constant.
  6. Keep out of reach of children.
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Filter Reviews:
John T.
Singapore Singapore

Good quality

high porosity, high through flow and good structure for BB

T C.
Singapore Singapore

Good Biological Media

Lawrence recommended this bio media over their own ANS range. I was a bit sceptical because they looked like broken brick fragments. Tested a 1 Litre pack nevertheless. Great porosity - fine bubbles when first soaked in water, confirmed by the through flow when used within a canister filter. Not sure about the manufacturer’s publicity blurb, but I was able to cycle my new tank fairly quickly and had no issues with NH3 and NO2. Curiously, I have very little NO3 (planted tank). It worked much better than I could expect, so I went back and bought another 10 Litres.