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UP AQUA D-624 bottom filter plate (small) Undergravel filter

by UP Aqua
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1. This product is designed to increase the circulation of oxygen, temperature, and nutrients in the bed, and activate the bed.
2. The corrugated plate at the bottom of the device can form a comprehensive and uniform filtered water flow without creating dead corners that may cause the generation of toxic products such as hydrogen sulfide.
3. Can be used with submersible motors, pump motors, and external filters to construct a complete bottom filtration system.
4. It can be used with various bottom sands to multiply the live bacteria in the bottom bed to form a complete bottom filtration system.
5. It can thoroughly filter impurities and cultivate nitrifying bacteria to stabilize water quality and improve the breeding density and survival rate of Yu'er.
6. It is easy to install and can be used to adjust the use method according to the size of the fish tank or personal needs.
7. Especially designed and developed for the filtration problems of mini tanks and small fish tanks.
8. Can be used in conjunction with external filtering to enhance the filtering effect.
9. Base plate size: 15*6 cm