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JBL NovoStation (floating feeding ring)

by JBL
SKU J61369
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  • The ideal feeding place for all aquarium fish: feeding ring with suction cup and flexible attachment to adapt to the water level.
  • Mounting: attach suction cup at waterline level and clip in feeding ring. Insert food in the feeding ring
  • Precise feeding: no food floating around, perfect positioning even with a changing water level thanks to flexible attachment
  • Easy to observe the fish: they congregate at the feeding place
  • Package contents: 1 feeding ring JBL NovoStation with water level adaption. Size 9 x 9 cm.



Ideal feeding place:

  • The JBL NovoStation feeding ring allows you to feed your fish as much or as little as they need.
  • The food doesn’t float through the tank and end up in the plants or left on the bottom where it can affect the water parameters.
  • The flexible holder adapts to water level fluctuations.
  • The water ring conveniently allows you to observe the fish feeding.

Easy to use:

  • Position the food ring at the desired place in the aquarium and attach it with the suction holder at the aquarium rim (at water level height).
  • Add the desired quantity of food into the ring.