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JBL Turtle Sun Terra 10ml (vitamins for tortoises)

by JBL
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Especially for the nutritional requirements of tortoises
JBL offers a comprehensive range for the species-appropriate diet for tortoises, to meet the respective requirements of the animals’ size.

Balanced diet
To avoid deficiency symptoms at tortoises the animals need a balanced diet. A unbalanced diet leads often to loss of appetite, swollen eyes or the softening of the shell.

Feed supplement for tortoises
The JBL Tortoise Sun Terra contains a balanced vitamin complex in liquid form. A special emulsion process keeps all vitamins longer stable to water and readily available, ensuring vigorous tortoises without deficiency symptoms.

Easy to use
Shake vigorously before using. Fill the enclosed measuring spoon with food sticks (sold separately) and add 10 to 20 drops of Tortoise Sun Terra. Finally feed to the turtoises.