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FROK Submersible LED White FK (40-180cm)

by Frok

FROK Submersible Led
Suitable for aquarium, pond use.
Popular to be use as tanning lamp for Arowana


Special Features,
  • Uses high quality LEDs¬†with in-built heat sinks
  • Heat Sinks greatly improves LED life span & enables usage out of water
  • Thick waterproof glass casings suitable for tanks with large powerful fishes
  • Heavy duty rubber seals for improved sealing & durability.
FROK Transformers are specially designed by our very own R&D, and manufactured by FROK. This affords us a high degree of quality control. Comparing against most other brands, it boasts an increased operational lifespan and does not overheat.
Available in: Super White, Super Red, Super Blue

FROK FK60 White
Watts: 10W
Lenght: 590mm


FROK FK180 White
Watts: 26W
Lenght: 1740mm