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NF HN nano bubble bar - 32/27/17cm

by NF


  • High dissolved oxygen rate, release a large number of bubbles, increase the contact area with water surface, promote water circulation
  • Fine bubble, durable frosted material fine air outlet, the bubble is more delicate, achieve the effect of atomization
  • Low pressure mute and more energy saving, less than 30 db. 1 w air pump can be driven
  • Made of high quality materials, stable, durable and long service life


  1. Used for aquarium increasing oxygen, used with air oxygenator tube
  2. Please soak the product in water for 15 minutes before use
  3. Long-term use, such as dirt blocking, bubble reduction, can be taken out for cleaning and reuse

Using tips:

Under the condition that all the accessories of the air pump are well connected, repeatedly disconnect the pipe of the back door of the fine-tuning valve, let the pipe add water, can quickly achieve the effect of atomization.