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DiscusFood Artemia 50% - Flat Granulate (65g)

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Artemia 50% flat granulate  - Premium feed made of excellent ingredients.
Confident that your fishes will love them!

Artemia 50% Soft granulate- make from Artemia (brine shrimps), which will attract even the most fussy fishes to consume. Great for goldfishes, flowerhorn, marine fishes!

Brine shrimps are an optimal feed for nearly all inhabitants of freshwater and marine aquariums, due to their content of fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Complete diet!

With 50% "Artemia 50" soft granulate consists of an uncompromising high portion of these high-quality nutrients.

What so good of using soft granulates?
The softening prevents the granulate from swelling in the aquarium water or in the digestive tract of the fish and at the same time increases the acceptance of the feed. 

For medium to large fish, Artemia 50% XL, approx. 1.5 – 2 mm is suitable.
For small fishes, use Artemia 50% granulate, approx 1mm

Experience has shown that Artemia 50% soft granules not only go down well with ornamental fish, but many shrimp lovers have also discovered this rich complete feed for themselves, respectively their darlings.

sinking granulates

 ***It is advised to feed your fishes as per the instructions. Over feeding may lead to algae blooms and/or poor water quality.

“Don’t call it flake!”…

…, because this is a granulate in form of a flake. Extrusion makes it possible to produce a product that is as germ-free as possible. All pressure- and heat-sensitive components are only added after this manufacturing step, so that they retain their structure and thus remain completely effective. The stable and relatively large shape of the individual, flake-like granulates and the special sinking behaviour promote rapid acceptance. Even delicate wild-caught discus begin to eat greedily of the flat granulate after a short period of getting used to it, thanks to the high feed quality and the special sinking and swimming behavior.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent the granulate from being crushed and offered to all other types of aquarium fish, regardless of size. Another advantage of the relatively long surface dwell time is that even very timid and shy surface eaters can be supplied. This makes it easier, for example, to feed on new stock.

The proportion of 50% pure artemia is an argument in itself in comparison to other, conventional feed types. In combination with valuable plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and high-quality fatty acids, a complete staple food is created, suitable for almost all freshwater and saltwater fish.