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ANGEL AQUA DY101CCC Oxygen Stone (Cylinder) 50x150Lmm


DY 101CC-C

*This air stone does not work with normal Aquarium Air Pump

Stone Size (mm) : Φ50 × 150L

Flow Rate : 0.5~1.0

Operating pressure 1.5~2.0㎏/㎠
Maximum pressure 6.0㎏/㎠
Bubble Size 100~600 micron (micron : 1/1000㎜) in seawater 100~600 micron (micron : 1/1000㎜)
Dissolution Rate more than 40% / 1m depth more than 40% / 1m depth


  • Fish farm, fish tank, transportation vehicles for live fish, industrial equipment that requires a large amount of dissolved oxygen.


  • Special material ceramic bake at 1300°C after extrusion molding
  • Simple fabrication allows easy assembly and disassembly after cleaning
  • Highly efficient supply of oxygen due to even air spouting and fine air bubbles
  • Low oxygen consumption
  • No acid, alkali or ozone corrosion due to 100% ceramic material
  • Countercurrent prevention equipment
  • Easy to handle and great resistance to impact