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ANS Absorpmax Pure 30ml/200ml/600ml (remove organic waste fast)

by ANS
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  • Keep water crystal clear
  • Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, organic waste
  • Remove discoloration of the water cause by driftwood
  • Can be generate up to 5 times
  • Use in freshwater, saltwater, shrimp aquarium
  • 200ml pack can be used for 60-400L of aquarium water. 
  • Can be used in freshwater, marine, shrimp tank

How to regenerate Absorpmax Pure.

1) Wash Absorpmax to remove most physical dirt and waste.

2) Soak the Absorpmax pure in a 50%water and 50%bleach solution for 24 regular. It is best to use household bleach (hypochlorite based). After soaking for 24hours, Absorpmax pure should turn back from dark brown colour to original colour.

3) Rinse the Absorpmax pure well and soak in a solution 200ml containing 5ml of dechlorinator. This will remove the access bleach that remain in Absorpure max. Soak for 10-12 hours before use

4) Give the Absorpmax pure is recharged a final rinse with water and can be used in aquarium. Absorpmax can be recharged for 5 times before it start to lose the effectiveness.

  • **ANS Absorpmax Pure**