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ANS Brass Bubble Counter

by ANS
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SKU A51352

ANS Brass Bubble Counter is fabricated out of brass metal and thick glasses that can withstand high pressurize CO2 output without losing shape. It clear glass column allows easy counting of CO2 bubbles. It is also integrate with a brass check valve to prevent back-flow of water.

Bubble counter is use to measure the amount of CO2 injected into your aquarium. It is important to know how much CO2 is injected to your aquarium as too much CO2 may suffocate your fishes and shrimp, while too little will stunned the growth of plants. As a guide, a fully planted aquarium should inject 1 bubble/second for every 30 – 45 liter of water. You can also get a CO2 Checker to check the amount of CO2 in your aquarium.

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